Welcome to Build. We make workplaces more productive, staff happier and leaders more effective and mindful.

Alongside your staff, we build useable skills for them to deal with challenges and obstacles, as they head towards their professional and personal goals.

Working with a professional coach frees up your teams’ mental capacity to really smash it in their roles at work, delivering greater productivity and a happier work place.

Why wouldn’t you want the best and happiest version of yourself and your team?

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The benefits of having a coach in the workplace

WHAT DOES A POSITIVE WORKPLACE CULTURE GET YOU? More satisfied with their jobs(Harvard Business Review) 46 %
  • Team members deepen self-discovery and learn valuable self management skills.
  • Increased self-confidence, energy and engagement with team members and work related tasks.
  • Fulfilment of personal values transcends to happier and more energetic team members.
  • Demonstrates commitment by management to employee development.
  • Complete confidentiality allows for coaching conversations to get to the real and most valuable issues to solve.
  • “I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Tim. Tim coached me for nearly three years and he not only helped me become a much stronger leader but also a much better person. He has a very special gift for building and developing people to become the best possible version of themselves. The impact he has had on me is immeasurable and will last a lifetime.”

    Sally: Marketing Consultant

  • “Tim was a guiding light for me during a tremendous time of change and growth. Working with Tim has been an absolute privilege. I have benefited greatly from his extensive expertise, unfailing generosity and witty candour. If you have the chance to work with Tim, TAKE IT. You'll be a better leader and human for it!”

    Rachel: Commercial Director

  • “I highly recommend working with Tim if you want to improve key aspects of your life including your career and key personal relationships. Tim will make you aware of behaviors and patterns that aren't adding value to your world.”

    Andrea: Head of Marketing

The Build coaching approach: professional development powered by personal development.



Costly and time-consuming performance problems by seeing staff self solve and overcome obstacles.


Employees’ skills so they can assume more responsibility and work more independently


On positive productivity and energy to reduce employee stress and burn out.


A solid bench of talent to ensure a seamless succession planning.


Employee loyalty and motivation. Staff feel rewarded and empowered.


A mindful workplace where employee wellbeing is at the heart of your culture.

> WHAT DOES A POSITIVE WORKPLACE CULTURE GET YOU? Less burnout(Harvard Business Review ) 125 %

The program is designed to help you with anything you would like to improve in your life; personally or professionally.

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WHAT DOES A POSITIVE WORKPLACE CULTURE GET YOU? Higher retention (Gallup 2014) 44 %

When staff receive coaching, they:

  • BUILD Valuable skills and knowledge they can use to advance their careers,
  • FEEL Supported and encouraged by their managers and the company,
  • EXPERIENCE Pride and satisfaction that comes with overcoming obstacles and conquering new challenges.


Do you want to be happier in life and at work?

WHAT DOES A POSITIVE WORKPLACE CULTURE GET YOU? 300 % more creative and more innovative is what your staff feel in a happy workplace(Harvard Business Review)