The Build Journal houses some great thought leadership articles and references for additional information on some of the key topics and research areas of the modern day workplace, leadership and human development.

How We Need To Keep Growing Up

This excellent point of view asks an important question; why does development in its structured form stop at a certain age?

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Thirsty for more?

There’s really no excuses not to put a few hours into reading, listening or watching something inspirational or educational each week.

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Are we too comfortable with being disengaged?

Gallup’s 2015 research stated that 87% of the global workforce identifies himself or herself as feeling disengaged with their organisation.

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20 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Decisions

A cognitive bias refers to a systematic pattern of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment…

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What every business leader needs to know about workplace happiness

These five simple drivers are key to creating happier people within the workplace…

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37 Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Sometimes we look for the elusive magic bullet that will magically transform the entire culture of a workplace…

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